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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 00:12

The Tried and True Method


Bible Verse Packs-one of the simplest and most effective ways of memorizing is Bible verse packs. This method became popular

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 21:17

Bible Verse Packs


We offer two options to keep track of your Bible verses. One option is buying a micro binder, which you can buy at Staples online and in the store. They come with 100 pages and you can buy refills. Another option is one of the simplest and most effective ways of memorizing is Bible verse packs. We offer a small variety of different packs, each comes complete with blank cards or ready-printed verses. We offer economical plastic verse packs, or the midrange fabric or pleather packs, all the way up to high quality leather packs that are extremely durable. You can order them through our store.

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The Key of Promise

In 1678 John Bunyan wrote an allegory about a man by the name of Christian. We know the story by the title, "The Pilgrims Progress." The story is about a man who seeks to find the way to the "celestial city," or heaven. On his way he goes through many difficulties, trials and temptations.
At one point he is caught trespassing on a giant's property. The giant's name was Giant Despair and

Friday, 22 November 2013 17:53

Transformed Brain, Transformed Life

Transformed Brain, Transformed Life

In this ten message series we cover a range of uplifting subjects that will strengthen your spiritual life. Learn fascinating insights on how the brain works and how it can be changed by the things we choose to think about. The brain, once thought to be incapable of change, has now been shown to have the potential of continual progress and transformation. Science is starting to catch up to what the Bible said all along, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Discover how the transforming experience of Bible memorization can strengthen your brain, prayer life and witnessing. Experience the most important method to finding victory in all trials of life.

Learn a simple form of scripture intake that enables those who are afraid to try, or struggle with memorization, to hide God's Word in their heart.

You will learn about the amazing history of Scripture memory. See how it was a part of the spiritual life as far back as the time of Moses and all the way through history till today. Sadly within the last few decades it has largely faded away.

Glean some of the simple principles that the ancient Hebrews used to memorize Scripture and discover how theses same principles have been shown scientifically to strengthen the brain.

-Greater capacity to overcome bad habits
- Wonderful tool for small groups
- Great for prayer meetings
-Enhance your witnessing
-Strengthen prayer life
-Helps cultivate leadership skills
-Amazing benefit to preaching
-Learn health principles that have also been
 shown to strengthen health and brain

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Friday, 22 November 2013 04:44


Are You Ready For The Challenge?

The Waldenses were a group of European Christians who lived during days of desperate persecution. There have been few others in history who have loved and revered the Scriptures as much as these faithful men and women. At a time when the Roman church made it illegal to own a copy of the Bible in one’s own language many of the Waldenses had a portion or the entirety of God’s word.

Knowing that being caught meant confiscation, imprisonment and potentially death. . .many of the Waldenses would memorize large portions of Scripture so that they would always have the Word of God in their possession. Below is a quote that shows the challenge that the Waldenses would give to a new convert to the faith.

"But their crowning offense was their love and reverence for Scripture, and their burning zeal in making converts. The inquisitor of Passau informs us that they had translations of the whole Bible in the vulgar tongue, which the Church vainly sought to suppress, and which they studied with incredible assiduity. He knew a peasant who could recite the book of Job word for word; many of them had the whole of the New Testament by heart, and, simple as they were, were dangerous disputants. . . a disciple of ten day's standing would seek out another whom he could instruct, and when the dull and untrained brain would fain abandon the task in despair they would speak words of encouragement: 'Learn a single word [verse] a day, in a year you will know three hundred, and thus you will gain in the end.'"

The Challenge was to memorize a verse a day. Many today are not ready for this challenge. For them we have a smaller challenge. But imagine what it would, one year from now, to have over 300 verses hidden in your mind. How might that strengthen your, faith, prayer life, and witness? This may be something have never imagined. Having 300 verses in your heart. But we are bringing back a centuries old challenge. Are you ready for the Waldensian Challenge? Sign up for the challenge.

If a verse a day seems too overwhelming then you could think of taking our second challenge. Are you willing to commit to memorizing two verses per week for the next year? In one year you will have over 100 verses stored up in your mind and heart. You can also sign up to commit to the challenge.

Above: A picture of the ancient school of the Waldenses

Friday, 22 November 2013 00:55

Early Church and Memorization

Speaking of the life of followers of Jesus in the ancient church we read, “The husband and wife talked of them familiarly as they sat by the domestic hearth; and children were accustomed to commit them to memory. As many of the disciples could not read, and as the expense of manuscripts was considerable, copies of the sacred books were not in the hands of all; but there frequent rehearsal in the public assemblies made the multitude familiar with their contents, and some of the brethren possessed an amount of

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