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Bible Verse PacksOne of the simplest and most effective ways of memorizing is Bible verse packs. This method became popular

from the work of Oscar Lowry. He wrote a book in 1917 called, “Scripture Memorizing and Successful Personal Work.” This method takes effort but I would venture to say that the majority of those who have been the most successful in the last century at scripture memorizing have used this technique. Oscar Lowry himself memorized over 20,000 texts with this method. He found this to be, not only a personal spiritual blessing, but also a great aid in witnessing. Another Man I read about had memorized 14,000 texts the same way. Countless others have memorized hundreds to thousands of verses this practice.

(If you desperately struggle with memorization check out, on our resource page, the link for “Those Who Struggle With Memorization.”)

There are different ways to accomplish the Bible Verse Card method. One way is to simply write the reference on one side of the card and also write the date that you begin memorizing this passage on the same side. like this.

Then write out the text word perfect on the opposite side.


Day 1

For the first day read the text aloud a minimum of ten times. Then, immediately quote the text out loud ten times from memory. Longer verses may take a few more times of reading the text in order to be able to quote it ten times accurately. Remember work till you have it word perfect. This will actually facilitate recall in the future. One thing that is necessary in order to remember the reference of the text is to quote where the text is found before and after quoting the text. As an example, you say it like this. . . “Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13. . . I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13.” After going over the text for ten times reading, always saying the reference, and then quoting it ten times from memory, always repeating the reference, you are done for the day.

Day 2

Go over the first days verse until you can quote it word perfect. Then quote it ten times from memory.  You are now done with that verse for the day. If you want to add another verse the second day do everything you did the first day with your new verse.

Day 3

 Go over the first day’s verse one time. The go over that verse again one time a day for the next 58 days until you have gone over the verse for 60 consecutive days. After the 60 days you can put that verse in a weekly review pack or pile. After you have gone over that verse once a week for a year you can put it in a monthly pile. The time may come where you can put it into a yearly review pile. Make sure to go over Day 2’s verse 10 time from memory on day three, and if you want to add a new verse, add one and do everything you did on day one. Keep up this process always repeating the verse for 60 days and then transferring that text  to the weekly pack. If you keep up this process you will almost certainly keep the texts fresh in memory. We offer a small variety of different packs, each comes complete with blank cards or ready-printed verses. We offer economical plastic verse packs, or the midrange fabric or pleather packs, all the way up to high quality leather packs that are extremely durable. You can order them through our store.

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